New Bohemians Tee- Peach
New Bohemians Tee- Peach

New Bohemians Tee- Peach

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They are our freedom seekers, our wanderlust dreamers and our fearless rule breakers. 

Always planning the next adventure, on the earth but forever head above the clouds.

They are the roamers of the wild, the tamers of the stars and the keepers of the vibe. 
Forever they are our bohemians of time..."

We couldn't be prouder to offer to you our nostalgic soaked "New Bohemian" tee. 
An ode to the wild and free spirits of decades past and present. This is a piece that resonates with the very essence of the Suede Daze heart and soul, all that we love, are inspired by and believe in. A tee made to be styled back with all those bohemian vibes in mind but just as perfectly worn with your fave denim staples. The softest cotton in the most gorgeous of tones will ensure this tee remains on high really is just as pretty as it is wearable. 

This tee is made out of the exact same material as the kids tee and is the exact same peach colour. 
Our model is size 8 and wearing size S.