Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA
Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA
Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA
Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA
Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA
Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA
Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA
Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA

Dinky Dinkum Dolls – Lily - OLLI ELLA

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Blooming with vibrant colours, Dinky Blossom Buds are like wildflowers, spreading joy wherever they go! The sweetest and cheekiest playmates, full of collectable fun. Limited-edition and palm-sized, Dinky Dinkums are perfectly weighted in all the right places and snuggled in a velvety onesie.

· Dinky Dinkum Doll Lily comes packaged in a vintage-inspired paper bag

· Keep your eyes peeled for a collectable scratch ‘n sniff sticker

· Snuggly non-removable onesie

Product Information

· Posable body with gentle weighting inside

· Body is made from cotton and polyester

· Collect all the limited-edition Dinky Dinkums Blossom Buds – Sunny, Iris, Daisy, Lily, Poppy, and Rose

· Turn your Musk Mushroom Basket into a home for the Blossom Buds

· Keep track of your growing Dinky Dinkum Collection with a printable collector card

· This product is tested and compliant with 0+ standards. Olli Ella recommends the supervision of infants and children with their toys at all times.

What’s Included

· Dinky Dinkum Blossom Bud Lily

· Vintage-inspired paper bag

· Scratch ‘n sniff sticker on the swing tag

Dimensions & Packaging

· Dimensions: L 22cm x W 12cm x H 8cm

· Weight: 0.16 kg

Product Care

Dinky Dinkums are as low maintenance as a cactus:


· Cold gentle machine wash in a laundry bag, where Dinky Dinkums get their spinny thrill!

· No sunbathing for these dainty Buds – let them air dry in the shade.

· Bleaching, soaking, and rubbing are not in their petal-lingo. Keep it gentle.

· Tumble drying, ironing, and dry cleaning are a no-bloom zone.


Q. How many Blossom Buds are there?

A. There are six Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds – Sunny, Iris, Poppy, Daisy, Lily, and Rose.

Q. What ages are Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds for?

A. Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds are designed with safety in mind. They are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and have passed rigorous safety testing to ensure they meet all the necessary standards for infants 0+ and toddlers.

Q. Do you have additional accessories or outfits available for the Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds?

A. No, Dinky Dinkums each come dressed in a non-removable onesie. But they can be carried in a Dinkum Dolls Carrier, Carry Cot, Strolley, or basket of choice!

Q. How is doll play beneficial for young children?

A. Dolls play a significant role in children's development by encouraging nurturing and imaginative play. They help kids develop empathy and social skills as they role-play caregiving scenarios. Dolls also stimulate creativity and language development as children engage in storytelling and conversation with their "little friends." Additionally, they provide a sense of security and comfort, supporting emotional well-being during various stages of childhood.